Principal's Message

Nob Hill Elementary is home to approximately 500 amazing students, who are accepting the challenge to realize their greatest potential in life. Each day our dedicated staff members are teaming up and collaborating to help each child reach his or her goals to become the best and brightest person he or she can be. Nob Hill Elementary is a PBIS school that embraces the positive approach needed to help students be successful while also creating the best learning and working environment for everyone involved. This includes several volunteers and community partners that also help enrich our school every day. In addition, the parents and guardians of our students are considered one of the school’s greatest resources needed to help our students succeed. Our staff will do all we can to strengthen and maintain this important relationship to best help our students increase their achievement. Together, we must all give more to achieve more.

REACHing for Excellence!
Steve Brownlow,

Attendance Awareness Month

Character Word of the Month

Our Character Word of the Month for September is...

Motivation: The influence or inspiration that causes someone to behave or act in a certain manner.

Making a Difference at Nob Hill Elementary


Nob Hill Elementary is in its second year of implementing the PBIS intervention program Check-In/Check-Out (CICO). Students nominated for the program have the opportunity to check in with an adult each morning to set a daily goal and receive encouragement. Teachers provide feedback on a point sheet throughout the day. At the end of the day the student checks out with an adult to discuss how the day went. The point sheet is sent home for the parents to review, then sign and return with their child the next day.

To read more about CICO, please download the full article available on the left.

Yakima School District App

We are encouraging all parents to download the Yakima School District app! Download it today for efficient and consistent communication, access to the Nob Hill calendar and parent resources. Follow the link below for details on the app and for links to install the app on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone:

Lost and Found

Please check the lost and found regularly for missing items as once a month unclaimed items will be donated to a nonprofit organization.