Welcome to Wilson Middle School!

It is a privilege and honor to serve as the principal of Wilson Middle School. As a staff we welcome students, parents and the community to partner with us on one of the most exciting and rewarding journeys, educating our youth!  We take very seriously the opportunity that we have to work with your children every day to prepare them for the challenges of a rapid changing world. By partnering with you, together we can insure a positive and exciting middle school learning experience.  As the principal of the school I take the responsibility very seriously of hiring the best educators available. Also, for providing timely professional development for teachers to help prepare students for the demands of the new state assessments and for high school and beyond.  One of the most important ways you can help your student is making sure they arrive at school every day, on time, wearing school appropriate clothing and with completed homework assignments. To learn more about how to get involved, please call our school 573-2400.

Please feel free to browse our webpage.  The page includes most needed information such as school calendars, activities, classroom links, staff directory and more.  In order to improve our communication you may also receive “School Messenger” calls with pertinent information about upcoming events and/or reminders.  Staff may also use e-mail to communicate with you as well.  So, it is very important you please keep your phone numbers, e-mail and address updated in our school records. To do this please call Mrs. Espinoza at 573-2406.

Thank you to all who supported our Wilson ASB during our very successful Color Run Walk-a-thon Fundraiser.  Nearly 70% of students participated earning enough to continue to support student success with incentives, field trips, fun activities and positive events for our entire school!  At Wilson, we do things the CAVS Way!

If you have any questions or need my personal assistance please call me at 573-2401.  If you would like to meet with me, please call 573-2402 to make an appointment.  I want to make sure I am available to give my full attention to your concerns.


Ernesto Araiza, Principal

Attendance Awareness Month

School Newsletter

Visit the following link to download our latest newsleter: Wilson Newsletters

Wilson Middle School Dress Code 2016 – 2017

Students may wear:

Pants, shorts, sport shorts, dresses, and skirts of any color.

Tops can be any color or style as long as shoulders and midriffs are covered.

Shorts and skirts need to be longer than the finger tips when arms are extended to the side.

Hats and hoods only outside the building.

Footwear needs to be safe for all school activities.

Student may NOT wear:

Leggings, tights, yoga pants unless worn under dress, skirts or shorts.

No torn jeans, pants, shorts or skirts with holes.

No bedtime slippers or flip flops.

No SAGGING allowed!

No trench coats or long over coats.

Any items deemed by administrations as disruptive to the educational process, such as gang attire or items with sexual, drug or alcohol messages and /or deemed unsafe.

We believe our dress code preserves the commitment to provide a safe and equitable school environment for all students. If in doubt please call 573-2400 to avoid a disruption to your students education time.