Eisenhower High School’s Mission Statement:

Eisenhower High School will educate each student to become a responsible contributing member of society by: building relationships, providing a safe and innovative learning environment, ensuring intentional instruction and accountability for staff, students and parents.


 Early Release Conference Week Schedule


Wednesday, March 25thThursday, March 26thFriday, March 27th  
 2nd 8:00 - 9:02 1st 8:00 - 9:02 2nd 8:00 - 9:02
 4th 9:07 - 10:09 3rd 9:07 - 10:09 4th 9:07 - 10:09
 6th 10:14 - 11:15 5th 10:14 - 11:15 6th 10:14 - 11:15
 Lunch 11:15 - 11:45 Lunch 11:15 - 11:45 Lunch 11:15 - 11:45





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Yearbook Spring Sale!

only $45 (with or without ASB)

During the week of SLCs (March 23-27) 

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 Voter Registration forms available in the Counseling Center.


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The McKinney-Vento Act:  The Basics

If you lost your housing and now live in a shelter, motel, vehicle, camping ground, or temporary trailer; on the street; doubled-up with family or friends; or in another type of temporary or inadequate housing, your child might be able to receive help through a federal law called the McKinney-Vento Act.  For information, contact your school counselor or call Javier @ 573-7142.


 Yakima Health District Partnership to Promote Healthy Choices

Our aim is to promote walking and /or biking among students who live within the walk boundary of your school in an effort to encourage an active life style.



























The Yakima School District provides equal opportunity in its programs, activities, and employment.