Welcome to Adams Elementary!

Adams is a positive and focused learning environment where all students reach their highest potential.

Students at Adams are responsible, respectful, and independent learners in and out of the classroom.

Staff at Adams hold high expectations for learning by providing intentional instruction and guidance in a positive learning environment.

Parents at Adams are actively engaged as equal partners in the education of their children.

Charcter Word of the Month

Our Character Word of the Month for August is...

Cooperation - Cooperation is working with others willingly and agreeably for a common purpose or benefit.

  • Am a team player by working together to get the job done
  • Am open to other people’s ideas
  • Lend a hand to make someone else’s work easier
  • Do my part to help things go smoothly
  • When given directions, I follow them

CooperaciónEs trabajar con gusto y en conformidad con los demás para lograr un propósito o beneficio común.

  • Puedo trabajar bien en equipo.
  • Escucho las ideas de los demás.
  • Ayudo a alguien para hacerle el trabajo más fácil.
  • Hago lo que está de mi parte para que las cosas resulten bien.
  • Cumplo con las instrucciones que me dan.