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We are proud to receive the 2015 School of Distinction award for sustained improvement in math and reading. Achieving this award requires continued, intentional effort from administrators and staff members.

Identified last year as a Priority School by the state of Washington, Barge-Lincoln has undergone tremendous changes this year. Our transformation included a new administration team and ten new teachers, giving our school a unique opportunity to redesign our school improvement efforts. The school leadership team created a plan that is focused on aligning our teaching and learning to state grade level standards, using the district curriculum as our main resource. Additional support from the state allowed Barge-Lincoln to add several components to our improvement plan including an extra 30 minutes of instructional time to our school day, 45 minutes of teacher collaboration time after school twice a week, benchmark assessments in reading and mathematics, intervention curriculum and support from math and literacy specialists. As a result, teachers saw improvements in students’ test scores as they made progress towards grade level goals.

We also saw substantial growth in our students’ ability to treat each other with respect and follow school rules this school year. Both staff and students were trained in the components of Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS). Staff spent several days at the start of the school year teaching classroom and school-wide routines, procedures and expectations. In addition, the focus on positive behavior allows students and staff the opportunity to build genuine relationships that are critical to the learning process.

Parent engagement is the key to our success! Monthly “Hot Cocoa with the Principal” meetings were helpful this year; feedback and ideas from parents and community members has helped Barge-Lincoln become a great place to teach and learn. Goals for next year include creating an active parent group that can influence, support and sustain our improvement efforts.

Our doors are open to you... Community partnerships flourished this school year! Weekly volunteers from service clubs and community members as well as evening classes sponsored by community agencies improved our efforts to make Barge-Lincoln a neighborhood school open to all. New relationships with faith-based agencies and the YMCA will bring more adult mentors and volunteers this school year. Stop in at the school office to find out how you can get involved!

Stacey Drake, Principal

Attendance Awareness Month

Community Involvement

Parents and community members... please let us know if you would like to get involved and be a part of the great things that are happening at Barge-Lincoln!

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Kamiakin Kiwanis club members give dictionaries to the third graders.

Character Word of the Month

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Motivation: The influence or inspiration that causes someone to behave or act in a certain manner.