Welcome to Yakima Online

Yakima Online is Committed to Helping Students Graduate

No matter what your reason, Yakima Online can help you achieve your goal of getting a Yakima School District high school diploma. Yakima Online offers middle and high school fully accredited online course curriculum for students who live within the Yakima School District boundary. We offer a FREE full-time option for students, grades 6-12, who are looking for an alternative to the traditional environment, for whatever reason. With Yakima Online, you now have another option.

Yakima Online Offers:

  • Flexible and interactive online classes that fit your schedule
  • A competency-based curriculum
  • An online classroom with no distractions or peer pressure
  • One-on-one attention from state-certified teachers
  • 24/7 student support system
  • Yakima School District diploma

Who is it For?

Whether you are a student who is accelerating their learning or not succeeding in the traditional setting, Yakima Online can help you progress with a schedule built to meet your needs. Our school is available to those ages 12-21 who are:

  • At-risk students who need focused one-on-one instruction
  • Traditional students looking for choices
  • Honors students who want to expand their options
  • Students who want to accelerate their learning
  • Students who need remedial help
  • Students with personal obligations or scheduling constraints
  • Students with college preparatory goals

How Does it Work?

With Yakima Online students have options to help them graduate.

  • Students take all their classes online anytime, from anywhere there is internet access.
  • Students have access to a 24/7 support environment including access to highly qualified, Washington State certified teachers
  • Teachers monitor student progress and provide help via phone, email, and chat
  • Easy access to reports allow parents to monitor your student's progress
  • Students have full access to a broad, Internet-delivered curriculum with more than 100 semester courses in the following subject areas:
    • Math
    • Social Studies
    • Science
    • Foreign Language
    • Language Arts
    • Electives
    • Health/Fitness
    • College Prep