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  • Whitney Students -

    I hope you are all well!  Stay safe, use social distancing, and continue to read every day while you are home.  Please see below for additional resources you can access while you are home.

    Mrs. Newell, Principal

    Websites for Kids 10 Free Learning Websites At-Home Brain Breaks Free Educational Sites Reading Choice Board Reading Resources Virtual Field Trips Scholastic Resources Educational Websites

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  • Hello Whitney Families!

    Please continue to check on the main district web site for educational resources for your children to do while home.  Whitney students can continue to use the web sites that we have offered here on the Whitney web page as well.  Our library page has several options such as:

    • storyline online
    • coding
    • teach your monster to read
    • freckle math
    • asl books
    • and many many more so go check it out

    Whitney students, continue to follow the ROAR expectations and the Wildcat Way at home.  We miss you and hope to see all of you soon!

    It is a great day to be a Wildcat!!

    Mrs. Newell, Principal

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    Grab and Go meals will no longer be offered at Whitney Elementary.  Here is an update from the Yakima School District about grab-and-go meal locations- 

    Huge thank you to the Whitney Food Service Dream Team - Tami, Maria, Alicia & Fay!  They will now be helping at other locations.

    Go Wildcats!


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District Announcements

  • Be Counted! 2020 Census

    Census 2020 The census is a way for our community to seek the necessary financial support from the government that it needs.  Our schools depend on the census count for accurate program funding. In mid-March, you will receive an invitation to participate in the census from the Census Bureau. Be sure to count everyone in your household - even infants.  Responding to the census is the law, however, it is against the law for the Census Bureau to inquire about personal information such as immigration status.  It is illegal for the Census Bureau to pass on your contact information to other government entities. They use your contact info, such as your name and address, to know if you have already been counted. Once you have responded, you will no longer receive notices from the Census Bureau and a census worker will not come to your home.  If you have any questions, we have put together videos and information for you online at 

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  • Feb 11 Election Results

    Thank you voters Thank you, voters. On the February 11th ballot, the YSD proposed two propositions. One passed and one did not.

    The proposition that passed was a replacement levy (Educational Programs & Operations Levy) that will cost voters an estimated $2.50/$1000 of home value. When we ran this same levy in 2016 it passed at approximately $3.04/$1000. This Educational Programs and Operations Levy also brings Levy Equalization Assistance from the state which more than doubles its value.  THANK YOU for passing this levy.

    The second proposition was for much-needed facility maintenance of which, due to financial challenges, the YSD has had to defer costs. Proposition 2 was proposed at an estimated $.54/$1000 of home value. This proposition very narrowly failed by less than half of one percent. We respect the democratic process and although this revenue is needed, we will not be re-running this levy measure again in this calendar year. We will propose reductions and will work to better educate the community on the need for this revenue.

    Thank you for your continued support of the Yakima School District.

     For more information about the February 11th levy measures, please go to 

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YSD Stories

  • I ❤ Math Night

    Posted by Kimberlee Newell on 2/11/2020

    Whitney Elementary welcomed families to an "I Love Math" Night on Thursday January 30th, 2020 with fun math games and activities for kids of all ages.  Families learned about place value, fractions and number bonds by playing games with their teachers, friends and families.  Families got to try out Freckle Math and Rocket Math on the computer and see how our new 3D printers works for our Hi-Cap program.  Whitney PTA hosted a photo booth, sold snacks, and provided free popcorn for students who completed their "I Love Math" punchcards.  Thank you to everyone for making it a great night of math fun.

    Mr. Cunningham showing Dr. Pam Ansingh and a Whitney student our 3D printer. Mrs. Newell with Superintendent Greene having fun at Math Night! Whitney teachers having fun at Math Night!

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  • Whitney Elementary Hour of Code

    Posted by Kim Newell on 12/17/2019

    Whitney Elementary hosted an Hour of Code event on Thursday December 12th from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. for parents and students.  The Hour of Code takes place every year during Comptuer Science Education Week, December 9-15th.  This was Whitney's first time joining in to the largest learning event in history but it was not the first time they have done coding at Whitney.  With a huge groundswell of support and attention, it's an ideal time for schools and districts to put the spotlight on computer science programs and expand opportunities.  This year ESD 105 supported Whitney Elementary with snacks and prizes.  Whitney had their computer lab and library full of parents and students eager to learn about coding.  Thanks to the ESD 105 Whitney gave away a computer science game, two Amazon Echo Dot's and two Amazon Fire Tablets.  Parents were amazed at what their students could do with coding.  It was a successful event!

    Whitney Prizes donated by ESD 105 Whitney Library Whitney Computer Lab

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    Posted by Kim Newell on 10/29/2019

    Blake Brandes

    Hip-Hop Motivational Speaker, Dr. Blake Brandes, will be teaching our Whitney students about Empathy, Grit and the Growth Mindset on Monday 11/4/19.  The K-2 assembly will be from 9:30-10:00 am.  The 3-5 assembly will be from 10:15-10:45 am.  The adult presentation is from 1-1:45 pm.

    Blake will present the work of Carol Dweck and Angela Duckworth in a fun, accessible manner that empowers children of all ages.  The presentation will include age-appropriate and engaging growth mindset and grit lessons infused with beatboxing, comedic storytelling, and family-friendly freestyle rapping.

    “When students adopt a growth mindset, they become more resilient when facing challenges at school and at home, are less likely to give up, and believe more in their power to learn new things,” said Blake Brandes.

    Blake uses his talents as a hip-hop artist to capture the imagination of students and encourages them to pursue their dreams and aspirations.  He is very skilled at reaching into the hearts and minds of students as he engages them in thinking about the endless possibilities for future success.

    Through a demonstration of his passion for beatboxing and freestyle rap, along with stories of his own struggle to achieve his goals, Brandes brings energy and enthusiasm to the stage that allows him to connect with students.  Brandes has shared his presentation with 200,000 students, educators, and parents across the country, and he performed 348 Growth Mindset presentations in 29 states last year.

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  • “I ❤ Math” Night

    Posted by YSD Stories Account on 1/30/2019

    Whitney Elementary welcomed families to an “I ❤ Math” Night on Thursday, January 24th with fun math games and activities for kids of all ages (and their grown-ups).  Families learned about place value, fractions, and number bonds by playing games such as Roll and Cover, I ❤ Number Bonds and Valentine Village. Families also got to try out Freckle Math on laptops, play a Lego math game hosted by Bricks 4 Kidz, and a try out a glider challenge organized by Yakima Valley Technical Skills Center.  Whitney’s PTA hosted a photo booth, sold snacks, and provided free popcorn for students who completed their “I ❤ Math” punch cards. Thanks to everyone for making it a great night of math fun!



    Bricks for Kids  YV tech partners

     Math Night Math Night

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  • Whitney Morning Greeters

    Posted by Jamie Lee on 1/28/2019

    Whitney Morning Greeters

    Good morning! Welcome to school! Make it a great day!” Whitney Elementary students are welcomed each morning as they arrive at school by a team of friendly 3rd- and 4th-grade students wearing special blue “Morning Greeter” vests. Who are Morning Greeters, and what do they do? Morning Greeters is a new program made up of a rotating team of positive, caring students who want to make Whitney a friendlier, more welcoming place. They started volunteering in December, and they now greet arriving students entering our school’s front gate each day. It’s a great way to start the day of learning!

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District Highlights

  • Wellness Resources

    Taking care of yourself both physically and mentally is important. Please click the title above for a list of local resources. We care about you!

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  • Equity in Education

    The Yakima School District recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each student, staff member and citizen within the community. Teaming together, the school community creates a learning environment that fosters fair treatment and access to educational resources and programs for all students. The American democratic system depends on equal access to the opportunities for and benefits of public education for all young people: our future leaders, voters, taxpayers, workers, parents and adult citizens (Click the Equity in Education title above for our full policy).

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  • What is the High School and Beyond Plan?

    The High School and Beyond Plan process is a graduation requirement that supports students in exploring their interests, planning high school coursework that is aligned to those interests, keeping track of major assessment scores, and logging work and other relevant experience. The Plan is designed to enable students to successfully pursue education or training after they graduate high school.

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