Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Status Updates


  • Davis Family,

    In uncertain times, I hope being at home with family and/or friends brings some level of stability. Be assured, the Davis Staff misses you tremendously.

    Our current reality is unique. Your teachers have been working diligently to create meaningful, relevant, and equitable learning opportunities for all students. This has been a steep learning curve for us all, but tremendous progress has been made.

    It is essential moving forward that you check your YSD7.ORG Google email account regularly. This will be the most efficient way to communicate with your teachers and obtain learning opportunities. If you need assistance resetting your password, please contact the district:

    District Student Help Desk





    Teachers have begun providing remote learning opportunities. Teachers will be using a variety of technology-based platforms, including Skyward, YSD7.ORG Google email, Canvas, YouTube, and Google Classroom. For those without a computer or internet access, ‘Physical Learning Materials’ will be made available soon. Please communicate with your teachers by email or phone if you have additional questions. (Contact information can be found on the Davis High School webpage -

    If you are a senior, and do not have access to a computer, contact me through email or telephone (listed below).

    Please do not hesitate to call or email your administrator, counselor, or teachers during this time. We are here to help you. We are committed to ensuring you and your family remain well, and that your needs are being met, both socially and academically.



    Ryan McDaniel, Principal

    A.C. Davis High School


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  • Davis Health Clinic

    The Davis Health Clinic has a temporary phone for patients to call if there is a need during the school closure.

    The phone number is 509-314-8722.

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  • Senior Baby Pictures

    As part of the tradition at Davis High School, graduating seniors are honored in an assembly at the end of the year.  We need your help to make this event meaningful.

    The end-of-the-year assembly includes a slide show of your little angels as they were in “days-gone-bye.”  This year we need a photograph of your student between the ages of birth to seven.  Remember, in order to produce this video show, we need the photo that most represents the personality of your son/daughter— clear and in focus.  Please do one of the following:

    • Bring a photo to Mrs. Parker in the Davis Library in order to have it scanned.

    The scan or photo needs to arrive by April 17, 2020 to give us time to produce the presentation. No submissions will be accepted after that date! 


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District Announcements

  • Be Counted! 2020 Census

    Census 2020 The census is a way for our community to seek the necessary financial support from the government that it needs.  Our schools depend on the census count for accurate program funding. In mid-March, you will receive an invitation to participate in the census from the Census Bureau. Be sure to count everyone in your household - even infants.  Responding to the census is the law, however, it is against the law for the Census Bureau to inquire about personal information such as immigration status.  It is illegal for the Census Bureau to pass on your contact information to other government entities. They use your contact info, such as your name and address, to know if you have already been counted. Once you have responded, you will no longer receive notices from the Census Bureau and a census worker will not come to your home.  If you have any questions, we have put together videos and information for you online at 

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  • Feb 11 Election Results

    Thank you voters Thank you, voters. On the February 11th ballot, the YSD proposed two propositions. One passed and one did not.

    The proposition that passed was a replacement levy (Educational Programs & Operations Levy) that will cost voters an estimated $2.50/$1000 of home value. When we ran this same levy in 2016 it passed at approximately $3.04/$1000. This Educational Programs and Operations Levy also brings Levy Equalization Assistance from the state which more than doubles its value.  THANK YOU for passing this levy.

    The second proposition was for much-needed facility maintenance of which, due to financial challenges, the YSD has had to defer costs. Proposition 2 was proposed at an estimated $.54/$1000 of home value. This proposition very narrowly failed by less than half of one percent. We respect the democratic process and although this revenue is needed, we will not be re-running this levy measure again in this calendar year. We will propose reductions and will work to better educate the community on the need for this revenue.

    Thank you for your continued support of the Yakima School District.

     For more information about the February 11th levy measures, please go to 

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YSD Stories

  • Community and Davis Club come together to support Davis Food Pantry

    Posted by Michelle McGuirk on 1/6/2020

    Food pantry

    Thank you to our M.O.D. (Moms of Davis) Squad and to Mrs. Allred's Interact Club for supporting our food pantry. We were able to provide food for several students over Winter break and for the weeks to come! Thank you to everyone for supporting our pirates

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  • Davis HS SkillsUSA deliver food and items to Rod's House

    Posted by Kathy Thomas on 12/19/2019


    Davis HS SkillsUSA Leadership Club members posed with the Rod's House staff on December 11th after delivering the meal they prepared. The meal consisted of meatloaf sliders, mash potatoes, salad, oranges and sugar cookies.  They were happy to also deliver additional supplies such as toilet paper and canned food.  Check the Rod's House website to see what you might be able to donate. 

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  • Davis Skills USA students prepare meal for Rod's House

    Posted by Kathy Thomas on 12/10/2019

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    These are some of the pictues of Davis High Schools SKills USA students prepping a meal for Rod's House as part of their community service project.  They will prepare meatloaf muffins, mash potatoes, salad, and sugar cookies as part of the meal they will deliver on the 11th of December.  More to come.....

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  • Davis Health Clinic

    Posted by Staci George on 11/5/2019

    Lots has happened at the Davis Health Clinic this year. We have expanded our hours from 2 half days last school year to 4 full days! Our medical care is currently being staffed by a handful of Community Health of Central Washington providers who are volunteering their days off to the clinic. It’s been amazing! Our full time ARNP starts mid-January, we are very excited to have her! We also have Behavioral Health here three half days a week and have had over 200 visits already. We ended last school year with just over 100 visits. Our collaboration with the school has improved tremendously and we continue to find ways to strengthen it. We have an established Community Advisory Board that offers tons of amazing support in addition to a wonderful outreach team! It’s been great to be part of a team that has come together to serve the students at AC Davis High School.

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  • DECA "Blanket Drive"

    Posted by Jim Kindle on 10/29/2019

    The Davis Chapter of DECA took on the challenge of collecting blankets to donate to families and children at Camp Hope. This was the first community service/leadership endeavor that the Davis chapter has undertaken, and to top it all off, the chapter was competing against West Valley's DECA Chapter. The drive started on October 14th and culminated Thursday, October 24th at the Davis vs. West Valley football game. When our DECA members arrived at the football game, they were greeted by West Valley members, and quickly learned that our chapter was behind 115 blankets to West Valley's 199 (including pillows). As our Davis community always does, blankets came from every which direction from our families, community members, students, and teachers. By the time the event ended at the horn of the 1st quarter, our chapter had overcome the deficit we had. The DECA Chapter of Davis HS would like to thank all teachers, students, and families who donated blankets. Over 400 blankets and pillows will be taken to Camp Hope from both DECA chapters of Davis HS and West Valley HS, in hopes of making a difference. Blanket Drive The Pirate community always stands tall, and strives to make Yakima a better place for all.

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District Highlights

  • Wellness Resources

    Taking care of yourself both physically and mentally is important. Please click the title above for a list of local resources. We care about you!

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  • Equity in Education

    The Yakima School District recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each student, staff member and citizen within the community. Teaming together, the school community creates a learning environment that fosters fair treatment and access to educational resources and programs for all students. The American democratic system depends on equal access to the opportunities for and benefits of public education for all young people: our future leaders, voters, taxpayers, workers, parents and adult citizens (Click the Equity in Education title above for our full policy).

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  • What is the High School and Beyond Plan?

    The High School and Beyond Plan process is a graduation requirement that supports students in exploring their interests, planning high school coursework that is aligned to those interests, keeping track of major assessment scores, and logging work and other relevant experience. The Plan is designed to enable students to successfully pursue education or training after they graduate high school.

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