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  • Registration for Kindergarten is Now Open!
    Currently, Kindergarten registration is available from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Discovery Lab School (2810 Castevale Road) and Wednesdays from 4:00-6:00 PM at the YSD Student and Family Center (105 N 4th Ave). Details online https://bit.ly/2XsnUIe
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  • Grab & Go Meals-Available on Wednesdays

    • WHEN:    Every Wednesday
    • TIME:      10:30 am-Noon
    • LOCATIONS:  Barge-Lincoln, Garfield, Hoover, McClure, Ridgeview, Franklin, Washington and Eisenhower


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  • Let's Get Moving!

    Choose an activity from Mr. Hilmes' Movement Choice Board to help you stay busy and excercise each day! 

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  • Here are 25 fun and meaningful non-screen activities to try at home!

    1. How many different words can you make from the letters in this sentence, below? Grab a pencil and paper and write a list!  ‘Learning from home is fun’
    2. Thank a community hero. Think of someone that helps you in some way and write a short letter to thank them.
    3. Get building! You could build a Lego model, a tower of playing cards or something else!
    4. Can you create your own secret code? You could use letters, numbers, pictures or something else! Can you get someone else to try and crack it?
    5. Start a nature diary. Look out of the window each day and keep note
      of what you see. Birds, flowers, changes in the weather, what else?
    6. Hold a photo session. Use a camera or a mobile phone to take some snaps. What will you photograph? Your pets or toys perhaps?
    7. Build a reading den. Find somewhere cozy, snuggle up and read your favorite book!
    8. Use an old sock to create a puppet. Can you put on a puppet show for someone?
    9. Make a list of all the electrical items in each room of your home. Can you come up with any ideas to use less electricity?
    10. Design and make a homemade board game and play it with your family.
    11. Do something kind for someone. Can you pay them a compliment, make them something or help them with a task?
    1. Can you create a story bag? Find a bag and collect items to go in it that relate to a well-known story. If you can’t find an item, you could draw a picture to include.
    2. List making! Write a list of things that make you happy, things you’re grateful for or things you are good at.
    3. Design and make an obstacle course at home or in the garden. How fast can you complete it?
    4. Can you invent something new? Perhaps a gadget or something to help people? Draw a picture or write a description.
    5. Keep moving! Make up a dance routine to your favorite song.
    6. Write a play script. Can you act it out to other people?
    7. Read out loud to someone. Remember to read with expression.
    8. Write a song or rap about your favorite subject.
    9. Get sketching! Find a photograph or picture of a person, place or object and sketch it.
    10. Junk modelling! Collect and recycle materials such as yoghurt pots, toilet rolls and boxes and see what you can create with them.
    11. Draw a map of your local area and highlight interesting landmarks.
    12. Write a postcard to your teacher. Can you tell them what you like most about their class?
    13. Draw a view. Look out of your window and draw what you see.
    14. Get reading! What would you most like to learn about? Can you find out more about it in books? Perhaps you can find a new hobby?



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  • Stay home save lives

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YSD Stories

  • EBT Funds Available to All YSD Students

    Posted by YSD Food Services on 6/29/2020

    Because COVID-19 closed our schools, your children are eligible for food assistance, called Pandemic EBT (P-EBT): Emergency School Meals Program.

    P-EBT provides families with funds to make up for some of the cost of meals while school was closed. This benefit is for Washington children in grades K-12 who receive free or reduced-price school meals. These benefits will be on an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card which is used like a debit card to buy groceries. Because all YSD students receive free breakfast and lunch, all YSD students are eligible regardless of income. If you do not already receive benefits, you will need to apply on or after June 30.  If you receive food assistance benefits already, the money will appear on your EBT on June 30.

    PEBT Flyer - English

    PEBT Flyer - Spanish

    Questions? Let's Talk

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  • 5th grade flattened out to visit their students

    Posted by Seton Pedersen on 4/27/2020

    Flat Mrs. Denney, Mr. VanQuill and Mrs. Pedersen are heading to their students homes to go on an adventure while staying safe at home.  5th grade flattened out

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  • Illustrator Inspires Gilbert Students

    Posted by Judith Strosahl on 3/11/2020

    On Feb. 25, children's book illustrator, Craig Orback, spoke to Gilbert students about his recent Born to Draw Comics: the Story of Charles Schulz and the Creation of Peanuts.  Students had been learning how illustrations help us understand what we are reading.  As a young artist, Orback had been inspired by Schulz' work, just as Schulz was inspired by cartoonists of his childhood. We learned about Orback's research into Schulz' life, and the many drafts before a book is published. Each grade level presentation ended with a fun drawing lesson!  Big thanks to The Yakima Schools Foundation for generously funding Mr. Orback's visit!Student drawings! Craig Orback with 3rd graders. Quick draw - 1st grade Thank you YSD Foundation!

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  • What a Fiesta!

    Posted by Stephanie Rosbach on 12/16/2019

    Kindergarten students read a story about Paletas, which are Mexican-style Popsicles in their reading curriculum. Gilbert Kindergarteners were very lucky last week, because Fiesta Foods donated a Paleta for each student to try! The kids were thrilled! Thank you so much Fiesta Foods for your generosity!



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  • Gilbert Students Sing for Retired Teachers

    Posted by Stephanie Rosbach on 12/3/2019

    On Monday, December 2nd, about 80 students in third, fourth and fifth grades took a walking field trip across the street to perform some holiday songs for the retired teachers having a luncheon at Englewood Church. Mr. Chapman lead our singers with four songs from their upcoming Christmas Performance next Thursday. 


    Singers prepare

    Singers are ready!

    In the action

    Our audience


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District Announcements

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  • Summer Meals Program Begins on July 1st

    The Summer Meals Program for 2020 will run from July 1st through August 5th. For details, please visit the following page: yakimaschools.org/SummerMeals

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  • RE: OSPI Reopening Guidance Released

    Dear YSD Families and Staff,

    Thank you for your flexibility as we work to provide a quality education during the COVID-19 global pandemic. I know that the situation has been challenging, and I am thankful for your resourcefulness, dedication, and care for our young learners.

    The much-anticipated guidelines for returning to school in the fall were just released by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). These recommendations were developed in close collaboration with the state Department of Health and Governor Inslee’s office.

    The Yakima School District will thoroughly review the guidelines and work with our leadership team to develop a local reopening guide for our schools. This will be influenced by the state’s recommendations but also may have some unique components. We anticipate sharing this reopening guide with you and with our community the week of July 6.

    As you know, this is uncharted territory and there will be some elements of the guide that will need to be worked out along the way. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this process and promise to stay in close communication with you moving forward.

    I hope you continue to stay safe and healthy. We will be in touch soon with more information.


    Trevor Greene, Superintendent

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  • Student Registration

    Interested in K-8 or high school enrollment information? For a current status update on registering your student for school next year, please go here

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