• Yamate Japanese Exchange

    Yakima School District will again be hosting students from Yamate High School in Yokohama, Japan this spring. Approximately 80 students will arrive on April 14, 2017, and spend two weeks with host families throughout the valley. This exchange has been occurring every three years for nearly 50 years!

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    Tuesday April 25th 4:30-5:30p.m. at Central Services, 104 N 4th Ave - Students (and those on the waiting list) that are traveling to Japan with us July 21-August 5,2017: Join the teachers and the travel coordinator from Yamate and ask questions about Japanese culture, staying with a Japanese host family, how you will be paired with a host family and what to expect on your trip. Final pricing of the trip will be announced and paperwork (medical, etc.) will be handed out.  You should have your passport now. Please bring it with you to the meeting.

    Tuesday April 11th - HOST FAMILY ORIENTATION, 5pm, IKE Auditorium.  If you are signed up to be a host family, please join us for a 60 minute orientation to prepare for the Yamate Student's April 14th arrival. Questions? Call Kirsten 509-573-7007

    Thursday February 9th: Yamate Planning Committee; 4-5pm, YSD Central Services 104 N 4th Ave (Professional Library) UPDATE 9:30am Feb 9: This meeting is confirmed for 4:00pm today even though the schools are canceled. Devron Foster, the Yamate coordinator, will be in attendance. Questions? Kirsten 573-7007

    Friday February 10th: Families of Students Considering Traveling to Japan; 4-5pm, YSD Central Services (Professional Library) - Yamate leaders from Japan will be here to answer your questions!

    Wednesday February 22nd: Yakima Host Families (or those considering being hosts); 4-5pm, YSD Central Services (Professional Library)

    YAMATE TO YAKIMA April 14-28, 2017

    Following is a Host Application Form if you are interested in being a host for two students this spring or, if you know of another interested family, please feel free to pass the information along.

    Yakima Host Family APPLICATION (Due March 17, 2017)

    Thank you to the 40 local host families that have Japanese students living with them April 14-28! Also thank you to IKE, Davis, East Valley, West Valley, La Salle, Naches and and Selah for partnering with us to educate the Yamate students while they are here.

    Activities For Yamate Students While in Yakima

    • Welcome Ceremony at IKE for Host Families to Connect With Yamate Students (4/14)
    • Student/Host Zumba Dance Social & T-shirt Screening at Davis Commons (4/18) Hosts provide plain t-shirts for screen-printing.
    • City Council Meeting - Proclamation (4/18) Yamate and Yakima Leaders only
    • School Board Meeting -Proclamation (4/18) Yamate and Yakima Leaders only
    • Meeting for students going on the summer exchange (4/25)
    • Day Trip 1 – 4/20 (local for Yamate students only) - Nature Field Trip, bus leaves IKE at 9am and returns at 2:30pm
    • Day Trip 2 – 4/24  (trip for Yamate students only) - Seattle Field Trip, bus leaves IKE at 7am and returns at 8:00pm
    • Yamate Cultural Show at IKE Auditorium (4/26) -  (Yamate students report at 3:30pm for setup) - 5:30-7:30pm Free and public is encouraged to attend
    • Departure - Friday 4/28 from IKE. Bus leaves at 6:00am - please arrive at 5:30am to say goodbyes :(


    YAKIMA TO YAMATE July 21- August 5, 2017


    If you have a student who is currently in grade 8-11, and may be interested in participating in the return visit to Yokohama next summer, the dates of travel will be July 21 through August 5. Please fill out an application and return it to the district office at 104 N 4th Ave (IKE students can return to John Gonzales; Davis students can return to Miyuki Demond).

    Yakima to Yamate Participation APPLICATION - Due March 13, 2017

    Applications are closed. We have 29 students traveling to Japan this summer (we had 15 in 2014)! Want to join the waiting list? Call Kirsten at 509-573-7007.

    Yakima to Japan Travel Costs Payment Info:

    *payment is the responsibility of the family of the student participating. Make payments at Central Services, 104 N 4th Ave.

    • February 9 March 13: $200 deposit
    • April 7: additional  $400
    • June 1: Balance Due (approximately $1400)

    Gift Suggestions

    Passport Process

    2017 Trip Information and Recommendations

    New info 1-23-17! Itinerary for students traveling to Japan:

    July 22nd (Saturday) - Arrival in Japan

    July 23rd (Sunday)   - Leader's Meeting

    July 24th (Monday)   - Yokohama Day Trip

    July 26th (Wednesday)- Evening Banquet

    July 28th (Friday)   - Tokyo Day Trip

    July 30th (Sunday)   - Culture Day (at the school)

    August 1st (Tuesday) - Baseball Outing (Yokohama Stadium)

    August 3rd (Thursday) - Tokyo Disneyland

    August 5th (Saturday) - Departure