• Yamate Japanese Exchange

    Yakima School District will again be hosting students from Yamate High School in Yokohama, Japan this spring.   Approximately 80 students will arrive on April 14, 2017, and spend two weeks with host families throughout the valley. This exchange has been occurring every three years for nearly 50 years!


    Following is a Host Application Form if you are interested in being a host for two students this spring or, if you know of another interested family, please feel free to pass the information along.

    Yamate to Yakima HOST APPLICATION



    If you have a student who is currently in grade 9-11, and may be interested in participating in the return visit to Yokohama next summer, the dates of travel will be July 21 through August 5. Please fill out an application and return it to your school.

    Yakima to Yamate Japanese Exchange Program STUDENT APPLICATION

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