• Tips on Using this Website

  • Responsive Design

    This website has a responsive layout which means the content adjusts to fit the size of the screen. This allows us to deliver a good browsing experience regardless of the device used to view our website. The important thing to note about this is that the same content is available on either version of the website - the only thing that differs is how that content is arranged/displayed.

    On a desktop PC or laptop, you can toggle between the compact view and expanded view by adjusting the width of the browser window.

    Compact View

    Compact View

    Expanded view

    Expanded View

  • Menu - Expanded View

    There are two menu bars in the expanded view of the website. The first at the very top of the page and the other is right below the header.

    Navigation Menus

    1. The first menu bar has controls for switching between district and school websites, tranlating the website, and searching the website.
      • This menu may change color depending on the website being viewed, but always has the same items on it.
      • You must click on a control heading to show the drop down menu.
    2. The second menu bar is the website navigation containing lists of the webpages on the website.
      • The items in this menu change depending on the website being viewed.
      • Hover over a menu heading to show the drop down menu.
      • Clicking on a menu heading will open the first item from its drop down list. 


    Menu - Compact View

    There is a single menu in the compact view of the website and it contains various levels of submenus.

    Compact Menu

    At the main level, the website navigation which lists webpages is in white and the controls for switching websites and languages are in black. Clicking on the plus sign beside each item will expand the section. Clicking on the item label will take you to the page.

    Also in the compact view menu is a section labeled as Popular Links. This section contains shortcuts for commonly accessed webpages and takes the place of the shortcut icons that appear in the header of the expanded view of the website.