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  • Project GLAD

    Project GLAD® is a model of professional development dedicated to building academic language and literacy for all students, especially English language learners.  For over 20 years, Project GLAD® has provided exemplary training for educators both nationally and internationally resulting in students’ access to quality instruction and high-levels of success.  The Guided language Acquisition Design model enhances teachers’ design and delivery of standards-based instruction through an integrated approach. Project GLAD® classrooms promote an environment that respects and honors each child’s voice, personal life experience, beliefs and values their culture. 

    Project GLAD® has been recognized as a model reform program by California Department of Education (CDE) and highlighted as a “Best Practices” program for Title III professional development by CDE.

    Orange County Department of Education Project GLAD® Training Model Elements: The following elements make the Guided Language Acquisition Design promote successful, involved teachers and students:

    • A unique blend of academic language and literacy that combines the research from many fields and organizes the strategies and classroom practices into a process.
    • Firmly rooted in research and has been field tested for the past 18 years.
    • Encourages a classroom environment that values the student, provides authentic opportunities for the use of academic language, maintains highest standards and expectations for all students, and fosters voice and identity.
    • Supports standards based instruction through integrated approaches which include Project Based Learning, language immersion and language acquisition.

    Project GLAD Training Opportunities

    YSD's relationship with ESD 105 allows our educators to register for all Project GLAD training at no cost. Please follow the link to visit ESD 105 and search upcoming training opportunities.


    Project GLAD Resources

    Once completing Tier I (2-Day Research and Theory and Classroom Demonstration) you will have the option of purchasing access to a website with Project GLAD created units for $10. There are many other school districts that have created and posted their Project GLAD resources.

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