• ELL Strategies

  • ELL strategies are designed to promote language acquisition and content comprehension.

    Strategies that promote language acquisition will incorporate the four language domains and address Washington State English Language Proficiency Standards:

    1. Speaking
    2. Writing
    3. Listening
    4. Reading

    Strategies that promote content comprehension must incorporate supplementary materials such as graphs, models, hands-on materials, and visual aids to make lessons clear and meaningful. This will ensure all students at varying English Language proficiency levels can access content.

    Effective ELL instructional models include components that scaffold reading and writing and promote both language acquisition and content comprehension. These components are:

    Articles on Project GLAD and Marzano's high yield instructional strategies, and alignment between SIOP and Project GLAD: Article 1 and 2

    Project GLAD Components SIOP Components
    1. Focus and Motivation
    2. Input
    3. Guided Oral Practice
    4. Reading and Writing
    5. Closure and Evaluation
    1. Lesson Preparation
    2. Building Background
    3. Comprehensible Input
    4. Strategies
    5. Interaction
    6. Practice and Application
    7. Lesson Delivery
    8. Review and Assessments