• Davis HS Performing Arts

    The A.C. Davis auditorium remodel will be comprised of two phases. Phase 1 will be the construction of approximately 9,000 sqft of new space. Phase 2 will be the remodel and modernization of the existing auditorium and adjacent space. The project is scheduled to be put out to bid in January 2017 with a start date of late spring/early summer 2017. Phase 2 will begin upon completion of phase 1 and the availability of resources.

    Update 3-17-17: The Yakima School Board voted today during their board retreat unanimously to accept the bid of $4,663,600 from TW Clark Construction for Phase 1 of the Davis performing arts project. Board members Rice, Vornbrock, Villanueva and Davis were in attendance. Board member Navarro was not in attendance.