YSD Stories

  • The Great Pumpkin Tournament

    Posted by Tami Davis on 9/13/2019

    The Yakima Parks and Recreation is have their Annual Great Pumpkin Tournament October 12th and 13th.  I would love to see each school put in a staff team.  Davis High School has made their team, and we challenge you to do the same.  Show your school pride and have a little fun at the same time!!

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  • Reading buddies

    Posted by Mrs. Boughton, Mrs. Marinace, Mrs. Perez, Ms. Moloso on 9/6/2019

     Garfield 5th graders helping 1st graders learn to love reading.

    Garfield 5th graders helping our 1st graders learn to love reading.

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  • NOOOOOO! Yes.

    Posted by Al Fischer on 9/3/2019

    Jenny Trafalger is currently reluctant to resume being Miss T.  It has been a fabulous summer.  She travelled with her college roommate to Montreal, she hiked in the Adirondacks, she even spent some time at the beach.  Her time is about to not be quite her own anymore, and she is in pre-mourning.  She picks up her room key from the school office and opens the door for the first time in two months.  It smells clean, but all of the furniture is piled in the middle of the room.  She takes a breath and starts to put things in place.  

    Julio does not like change.  He was comfortable in 4th grade, had all of his friends around every weekday, was entrenched in a healthy routine, then summer came and it all went away. His home life is not structured. His parents each work two jobs, and his big sister is mostly in charge.  He has settled into a summer routine, though it took time to get there. He is stressed about going back to school again.  Who will be his teacher?  Which friends will be in his class?  Will the rules still be the same?  The doorbell rings… it’s his new teacher, making home visits and saying hello.  

    For the rest of this story, please go to https://www.corelaboratewa.org/blog/teacher-leaders/single/~board/corelaborate-al-fischer-board/post/noooooo-yes

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  • The Salvation Army

    Posted by Lisa Sargent on 8/30/2019

    The Salvation Army greeted Kids at Roosevelt Elementary with encouraging signs as they walked into school on their first day.  We wish all students a fantastic year!Roosevelt School

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  • Building Stories

    Posted by Mrs. Modine on 8/30/2019

    Second graders used building bricks to create a character and setting for a short story. They loved creating their stories with the building bricks before writing it out.

    Figuring out what happens first in their stories.  Students creating their story. Partners deciding on their setting.

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