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  • BALIKI & BALIGRA Play Yakima Youth Awards Ceremony

    Posted by Marie Webb on 4/16/2019

    BALIKI & BALIGRA Monday, April 15th BALIKI and BALIGRA performed as guests entered for the 26th Annual Yakima Youth Awards held at Eisenhower High School Auditorium.    It was an honor to play for an event that encompassed the entire valley!

    BALIKI performs BALIKI and BALIGRA were also nominated and WON a Large Group award at the ceremony.  Way to go BALIKI and BALIGRA kiddos!!

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    Posted by Judith Strosahl, Gilbert Library Teacher on 4/11/2019

    Songwriting Through Youth Literature Education  -- STYLE -- sent two teaching artists to inspire students on March 18, 19, and 20.  "Mr. B." and Tiffany Wilson read Thunder Boy, Jr. Students responded to guided questions about the story, and their words then were shaped into a different original song. Each group then  recorded and their songs can now be heard at learningwithstyle.com or on the Gilbert Library Homepage. Every Gilbert student contributed, including those in our 6 autism classrooms.  The artists also performed up-close-and-personal for each group. Creativity, collaboration, coolness!  Thank you, Gilbert PTA!


    VanQuills class

    Carl's class

    Mr. B guitar


    Clara beatboxing

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  • Northwest Association of Blind Athletes Annual Spring Event at Eisenhower!

    Posted by Kina Blackburn on 4/11/2019

    On April 9th, students with visual impairments from all over the valley came to Eisenhower High School to participate in a Paralympic Experience. The Northwest Association of Blind Athletes (NWABA) has been providing this fantastic opportunity to our area for the past 4 years. Every spring, they provide our students with the opportunity to participate in activities such as tandem bike riding, goal ball, judo, track and field events, side by side soccer, beep baseball and much more! This year’s event included beep baseball and side by side soccer. This was the largest turn out for our event, 29 students participated in a fun-filled day of adapted sports! Students came from as far as Pasco, as close as West Valley and everywhere in between. This opportunity not only allows our students to become familiar with adapted sports, but also the chance to make new friends who face similar experiences and challenges. Families are also encouraged to attend the event and friendships have also blossomed between parents of students. The students also have the opportunity to participate in White Cane Day provided by NWABA annually in Selah every fall. These events have created friendships and the events turn more into reunions every year! We would like to thank Eisenhower High School for hosting such a valuable event and the PE team for their flexibility and support. Thank you also to NWABA for creating these experiences that allow our students to explore such a wide variety of adapted sports!


    Students who participated in the NWABA experience


    Photo of students, teachers and families who participated in NWABA

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  • An Argument for Music Education

    Posted by Al Fischer, NBCT on 4/1/2019

    I represent the specialist teachers in our building on our Instructional Leadership Team.  As an avid reader, a lover of math, and a believer in their benefit in education, I generally have helpful input as we discuss our most recent ELA and math test results, the trajectory of our students’ progress, and the host of other academic data that ebbs and flows through our attention.  Being the music teacher, though, I rarely have much to share about my subject area and our progress through my curriculum. Is there a place for my corner of student education in this era of academic assessment? I intend to prove that there is here, and should be everywhere.

    I am not aware of any school district in this state that does not mandate music education for every single elementary student...

    To see the rest of this story, please click here.  Thanks!

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  • Dr. Seuss Literacy Event

    Posted by YSD Stories Account on 3/28/2019

    On March 5, 2019, Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary celebrated reading with our first Dr. Seuss Literacy Family Night. 184 students and their parents/guardians attended this event, which was planned and coordinated by MLK’s librarian, Mrs. Stilwater. Families were divided into groups and engaged in a variety of literacy activities in different stations where Mrs. Stilwater and Miss Dickens read a Dr. Seuss book to groups. MLK staff members, Ms. Swan and Ms. Mortensen led the crafts stations. Then, all gathered in the gym to select a book donated by FirstBook/Morales Law office for each student. Following the theme, our wonderful kitchen staff prepared a meal of green eggs and ham for all to enjoy! Students also had the opportunity to take selfies with Dr. Seuss props. Many volunteers and staff members helped to make this event a success! Thank you to our student volunteers (Leo Gutierrez, Nina Landeros, Chelsea Buchanan, and Jazlyn Alvarez), MLK staff members (Mrs. Lucero, Mr. John, Mr. Soria, Mrs. Christina Garcia, Mrs. Garza, Mr. John, Mrs. Rosas, Ms. Quintana) who assisted throughout the evening, and the MLK custodial staff. 

    Making crafts in the library Green Eggs and Ham dinner Students choosing free books Dr. Seuss costumes Our amazing kitchen staff Mr. John and Ms. Garcia

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