• School Neighborhood Boundaries

Boundary Map

  • Click on the image link below to open our school boundaries map.
    This map allows you to look up your home address to determine what boundary you are in (see Map Instructions section).

    YSD Boundary Map
    Open Boundary Map

Map Instructions

  • The interactive map makes it easy to see what school serves your neighbor by allowing you to look up your address directly on the map. In the following example, we will see which elementary school serves our address at 104 N 4th Ave.

    1. After reading these instructions, open the boundary map by clicking on the image/link above

    2. Select the apporpriate checkboxes on the left sidebar so that only the layers you need are visible
      (in our example, we only need to view the Elementary Schools and Elementary School Boundaries)
      Map layers
    3. Click on the search icon in the top right portion of the map menu

    4. Type the address into search box
    5. Click on the search result to show pin on map

      In our example, the pin displays in the Roosevelt Elementary School boundary making it the school of attendance.
      Search result

      Note: You may have to reset the zoom level on the map in order to get the full view. To zoom in/out, use the plus/minus controls in the bottom left corner of the map.