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    "All Students Belong" at Wilson! Our new ASB design reflects one of our goals for this school year: to have as many people as possible working together toward the goal of making Wilson MS the best place to learn and grow!  If you are not familiar with Helen Keller and the obstacles she overcame as a child, you might want to research more about her and why her quote is so powerful.

    Be sure any funding requests are complete for your proposals to be considered on Official Meeting dates Fridays once a month or on an as needed basis.   See Mrs. Navarro and the ASB Guidelines below for forms or questions. 


    • Friday, Oct. 7th
    • Friday, Nov. 4th
    • Friday, Dec. 2nd
    • Friday, Jan. 6th
    • Friday, Feb. 3rd
    • Friday, Mar. 3rd
    • Friday, Apr. 7th
    • Friday, May 5th
    • Friday, June 2nd

    Working together, we can help make Wilson into the best school it can be following the CAVS WAY!

    Download Wilson ASB Guidlines (PDF)  |  Download Wilson Student Government Constitution (PDF)

ASB Updates

  • Bubble Run

    Bubble Run

    This year our ASB fundraiser is a BUBBLE RUN!!  We have a lot of incentives this year for all students to participate including being in a BUBBLE SOCCER GAME for the $100 pledge level.  Our PTSA is providing the limo ride to Red Robin for lunch again for the $250 pledge level students.  The minimum buy-in to participate is just $15 on the day of the event; students will get colorful sunglasses and a bottle of bubbles just to attend!  You will want to attend the Bubble Run this year!!

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  • We Scare Hunger

    Fall Social

    WE SCARE HUNGER is the theme for our fall social again this year.  We collected enough food last year to provide a meal for over 250 people just by having everyone who attended our ASB event donate at least one can of food.  Some students even brought a WHOLE BAG OF FOOD WITH THEM! 

    Everyone who attended last year had fun eating, dancing and socilalizing with students and staff. Oh, and did I mention helping out hungry people by donating food to Northwest Harvest? This is one of our We Day initiatives to support the Free the Children international charity started by Craig Kielburger.  Thanks to everyone for helping make this all happen at Wilson!!  Learn more about We Day/We Schools and Free the Children at http://www.freethechildren.com/

    The PE department also coordinated a food drive last December with all their classes.  They collected twice the amount of food as the previous year:  1,089 pounds of food!!  That's the equivalent of about 835 meals for people without food in the Yakima Valley.  Way to go Wilson students!!

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  • 2015-16 Recap

    (As you can see, we've been very, very busy!!) The Wilson ASB has been very busy working on our Free the Children/We School activiities since the new year!  In January, we spend a day "on" at the Yakima Valley Mall sharing with the community our Clean Water initiative to build a well for a school in a developing country.  Our total funds raised was over $1,200 , less than what we had set for a goal, but definitely an accomplishment for just 4 days of active fundraising!!  The funds raised will be pooled with those of other We Schools to make an impact for families in need.  Thanks to all who supported the ASB efforts to build a well!!

    In February, we were busy bees making over 1,000 Valentine buttons for the entire school!  Thanks to all the students who helped make buttons and decorate the grams!!  Nearly 300 students attended the Winter Social dance, and four classes were awarded a donut party for showing their school spirit by dressing up.  Top classes with over 80% participation all week were:  Ms. Springer, Mrs. May, Mr. Cunnington and Mrs. Null.

    This spring, we will be collecting toiletries for Rod's House , the Yakima Valley homeless drop-in shelter for teens.  Even at Wilson, there are students who don't have a house to go home to, no where to wash up, make a meal, or sleep.  Rods' House is the place they can go to have a hot meal, take a shower, and get a change of clean clothes.  We will let you know more about that soon, or you can read about last year's drive below.

    We were honored to have Mr. Norm Hull come to Wilson to speak to the ASB and some of the AVID students in Ms. Springer and Ms. Davie's classes. Mr. Hull has worked with middle and high school students for many years, and he shared his wisdom on what it takes to be a student leader.  We discovered that SAYING you want to make a difference is a lot easier than actually DOING IT!!  We all tend to think of ourselves first; it's just natural for self-preservation!  We have to stop and think before speaking or acting if we really want to be intentional and posiitive with our actions.

    Almost all of our activities are part of the We Day/We Schools/Free the Children foundation to make our world a better place for everyone.  Every kind word, every good deed, matters to someone.  

    When we follow the CAVS Way everyday, we can make Wilson the best school it can be by working together.  Will YOU join us?

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  • We Day  We Day

    Friday, April 21st, 2017 will be our next trip to the Key Stadium in Seattle to celebrate all the positive efforts Wilson ASB has been working hard towards all year.  We have been able to participate again for our third year with help from Free the Children spokespersons who helped us plan our actions again this fall.  Two years we joined over 15,000 students from around the Pacific Northwest to celebrate all the great things children are doing to make a difference all around the world.

    The message on our We Day t-shirt says it all: Bring Out the GOOD!! Good deeds, like a pebble dropped into water, can spread out into the world in ways we will never really know; we just know that IT'S ALL GOOD! Just think if EVERYONE thought of others ALL of the time; that would have to make a difference for a whole lot of people!

    Share your ideas with one of the Wilson ASB officers or representatives to learn more how you can get involved.  This year we hope to be able to take even more students, teachers and maybe even a parent or two to the WE DAY celebration.  All you have to do is find a way to be involved and want to make a difference in the lives of people who are less fortunate.  It could be helping dig wells for clean water, buying goats to provide a means to earn a living and have food, or hygiene products for Rod's House homeless youth right here in Yakima.  When we put our minds together and work hard, there are no limits to what we can achieve!

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  • We Will Not Rest

    We Will Not Rest

    "WE WILL NOT REST" is a Free the Children international charity effort focusing on homelessness and poverty, two issues that directly affect many people in the Yakima Valley.  Wilson ASB had a Toiletry Drive to help Rod's House in April.  Some hygiene items donated are:  deodorant, mouthwash, body wash, tooth brushes & paste, shampoo and conditioner, chapstick, and shaving cream.Wilson students donated over 300 items to help homeless teens in the Yakima Valley.  Rod's House volunteers were very thankful as they do not recieve funds through the government and depend entirely on donations.  We are happy that so many students were willing to participate in this effort.

    You can learn more about Rod's House and the great things they do to help out people in the Yakima Walley at their website http://www.rodshouse.org/ . 

    Thanks to everyone who supported this event!!

    (Image credit from Rod's House website: http://www.rodshouse.org/#!blog/c1yh5)

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  • Purple Pinkie Project Purple Pinkie Project


    We raised over $500 in our first year of supporting this Free the Children  world-wide initiative!! A huge thank you to all the students who donated $1.00 to help provide polio vaccinations for two or more children in Northern India, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Nigeria.  Thanks also to students in IKE's Interact Club who came to Wilson to help with ribbons and painting fingernails purple!  It was great to hear about what Wilson students can be doing in the future to help this and other good causes.

    Children in third world countries have their pinkie stained purple so that aid workers don't accidentally double dose them. Polio is caused by a virus and it cannot be cured. The only solution is prevention by the vaccine.  All funds collected were sent to the Yakima Rotary who coordinates this fundraiser through the International Rotary to provide children with much need polio vaccines.

    (Image credit:  http://www.purplepinkie.com)

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  • Color Run

    Color Run

    The Wilson ASB 2015  Color Run/Fitness Walk Fundraiser a HUGE Success!

    This year, the Wilson ASB raised their goal with over $16K in funds donated by friends and families.  Even more importantly, nearly 70% of the total student body was out on the football field walking, dancing, running, playing games and GETTING THEIR COLOR ON!!   

    All of the money raised for the Wilson ASB goes towards extracurricular activities to benefit ALL STUDENTS!!  

     Some things the fundraising supports are class parties, school dances, special field trips, incentives for the Positive Behavior Intervention Support or PBIS, and other things to make our school a better place like new signs, bleachers and equipment.

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