Thanks for visiting our webpage!  Please see below for important news and information regarding Wilson Middle School and the Wilson Middle School counseling program.  

    Please contact our office if you have any questions 573-2406.


    Important Dates:

    May 10, 2018:  Incoming 6th grade parent night

    Wilson Middle school Cafeteria 6:30-7:30.



    Congratuations to all 8th grade students for completing the science SBA!  You ROCKED it!  ELA and math testing will begin the middle of May.  Talk with your students about the dates they will be testing in their languge arts and math classes.  If you have any questions please contact the main office 573-2400. 

    LET'S DO THIS!!!!!


    Grading Timeline:


    4th Quarter Midterm:  Friday, May 11

    End of 4th quarter, Thursday June 14

    Important News: 

    Parent/Student Family Access:  We encourage all parents to sign up for Family Access as a way to check their student's grade online.  Please visit or call the office (573-2406) to get your login and password.

     Student AcFamilycess Link


    6th/7th GRADE REGISTRATION: 6th and 7th grade students are registering for 7th and 8th grade classes.  Students are talking with teachers about placement in academic classes as well as choosing their elective/music class.  We are asking that parents sign the registration form before it is turned in to the students' math teacher.  If you have any questions please call 573-2406. 



    If you have not signed up for the College Bound Scholarship please do this year. This is a great opportunity to earn a money for your students after high school graduation.  Contact the counseling office if you need a form to sign! 573-2406



    Character word of the month for May:  Honorable