• Eisenhower Advanced Placement (AP)

    Parents and students, you can find additional AP resources by visiting one of the following links:

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  • Get the most out of your classes at Eisenhower High School

    You’ll see the benefits of taking an AP class right away. In AP classes, just like in college, you’ll face new challenges and learn new skills in the subjects you care about. Additionally, you get all of this with the support of your classmates and teachers.

    Get more.

    With AP, you get to dig deeper into subjects you love.

    Get hands-on.

    In AP's immersive courses, you get to learn how things really work.

    Get involved.

    In AP classes, learning means sharing your ideas and expressing yourself.

    Get support.

    With AP, you get to explore new ideas with your classmates and AP teachers.

    Get to know yourself.

    In AP classes, you can set bigger goals for yourself and do things you never thought possible.

  • For any questions or more information: please contact an administrator or counselor.

    You may also e-mail our AP coordinator, Mr. Steve Scott at scott.steve@yakimaschools.org