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  •              Good Luck to our winter sports teams, have a great season! 


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    Mr. Guzman

    Spring sport.  Freshman, JV, and Varsity teams.  Coaches are great and its lots of fun.

    Basketball (Boys)

    Mr. Williams

    Winter sport.  Freshman, “C”, JV, and Varsity teams.  You must try out to be on a team.

    Basketball (Girls)

     Mr. Thorng-Heang

    Winter sport.  Freshman, “C”, JV, and Varsity Teams.  You must try out to be on a team.

    Bowling (Girls)

    Mr. Quesnell

    Winter sport. All girls with an ASB can join bowling.  $25 fee, but no equipment required.  Practice is a Nob Hill Lanes.

    Cross Country-XC (Boys & Girls)

    Mr. English

    Fall sport.  Physically demanding running sport.  Joining XC is a great way to meet new friends.

    Fast Pitch (Girls)

    Mr. Jimenez

    Spring sport.  Freshman, JV, and Varsity teams.  Generally, players are never cut so you’ll have an opportunity to play.

    Football (Boys)

    Mr. Jimenez

    Fall sport.  Freshman, JV, and Varsity teams.  Nobody gets cut; there’s a team for everyone.

    Golf (Boys)

    Mr. Cunnington

    Spring sport.  Fun sport for all grade levels.

    Golf (Girls)

    Mr. Cook

    Spring sport.  Fun sport for all grade levels.  Open to all girls interested in learning how to play.

    Soccer (Boys)

    Mr. Suhm

    Spring sport.  You must try out.

    Soccer (Girls)

    Mr. Stewart

    Fall sport.  You must try out.

    Swimming/Diving (Boys)

    Mr. Alderson

    Winter Sport.  Learn a new skill.  Excellent way to get in shape fast.  No experience necessary.  Multiple events to choose from.  Will need to purchase suit, cap, and goggles.



    Mr. Alderson

    Fall sport.  Excellent way to get in shape fast.  No experience necessary.  Multiple events to choose from.  Will need to purchase suit, cap, and goggles.

    Tennis (Boys)

    Mr. McMillan

    Spring sport.  JV and Varsity teams.  Must have your own racquet.  Practices at Ike and Kissel Park.

    Tennis (Girls)

    Mrs. DeGrasse

    Spring sport.  JV and Varsity teams.  Must have your own racquet.  Practices at Ike and Kissel Park.

    Track (Boys & Girls)

    Mr. English

    Spring sport.  JV and Varsity teams.  Wide range of events.  Not a thrower or runner?  Try pole vault, long jump, triple jump, and/or high jump.

    Volleyball (Girls)

    Mr. Ackerman

    Fall sport.  Freshman, Sophomore, JV, and Varsity teams.  Must try out.  Each new season begins in the prior spring, and there is practice all throughout summer.

    Wrestling (Boys)

    Mr. Cardenas

    Winter sport.  Are you tough enough to handle it?  Wrestling challenges you both physically and mentally.


    Athletic Training

    Mr. Thew

    Athletic training educates students about taking care of athletes and other sport-related activities.  Members help take care of athletes during athletic contests.

    Art Club

    Ms. Hall

    The purpose of this club is to interact with new peers, have fun, learn about creative arts, participate in community service, and to achieve artistic goal.


    Mr. Walter

    Join the Cadet Marching Band!  Play at football games, basketball games, march in parades, and even go on road trips. 

    Bards to the Bone

    Mr. Demond

    The purpose of this club is to improve writing skills, social skills, and to express creative writing skills.

    Bridge Club

    Mr. Randy Scott

    Social development activities.


    Mrs. Harris

    The purpose of this club is to increase the knowledge and awareness of the African American culture and experiences.  Club members are typically of African American heritage and participate in school and community activities throughout the year.


    Mrs. Velikanje

    Cheer for all of the Ike sports.  You must try out.

    Color Guard

    Mr. Saucedo/

    Mr. Walter

    The purpose of this group is to visually assist the band and to compete at the highest level of our ability.


    Mr. Dwyer

    DECA is a club for students interested in marketing.  10th thru 12th grades can join.  They have fun, travel to competitions, and make new friends.  Open to Freshman students.


    Mrs. Peterson

    Drama is a class at Ike and also a club.  Anybody can join; there are no requirements and you don’t have to be in the plays to be a member.  Meetings are generally held once a month during lunch in Room 101.

    Environmental Club

    Ms. Lust

    This is a club dedicated to helping the environment in various ways.  Meetings are generally Wednesdays during lunch.  Open to all interested students.


    Mrs. Walker

    FCCLA is a student leadership organization that is directly linked to Family and Consumer Sciences Education.  Members attend meetings, competitions, and conferences.  Open to all interested students.  More information on website at www.fcclainc.org. 

    Five Star

    Mrs. Bonds

    Five Star is Eisenhower’s school newspaper.  It is written for and by the students.  This is fun and interactive.  You get to interview people, write articles, and also take pictures of people at different activities.  This class normally meets 1st period but also requires out-of-school time.


    (Gay/Straight Alliance)

    Ms. Benoit

    Get to know new people.  Learn and talk about diversity.  Learn that we might not all be the same.

    The Humane Society Club

    Mr. Davison

    This group accepts donations of dog/cat foods and other pet related items for pet care at the Humane Society.


    Mrs. Kinney



    Interact is a community service club to help benefit the less fortunate.  They participate in various activities including Operation Harvest, a fall leaf rake, caroling, Adopt-a-Family, and Habitat for Humanity.  Everyone is welcome.

    International Club

    Mrs. Olive

    We will explore other countries’ cultures, including their foods, holidays, languages, teenage life, games, music, movies, and more.  We reach out to and invite Ike’s exchange students to attend, as well as others from different countries, or those who have been to other countries.

    Ike Players ‘Stage Crew’

    Ms. Nagle

    To provide technical services for the IKE PAC.

    Junior State of America (JSA)

    Mr. McCurdy

    “To strengthen American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society."

    Link Crew

    Mrs. Benoit (England)

    Link Crew is a leadership activities group that is aimed at connecting freshmen with Eisenhower.  Link Crew is open to Sophomores and Juniors to apply during spring trimester to be active the following school year.  They plan various activities for incoming Freshmen, help with 8th grade tours, and Cadet Academy.


    Mrs. Herrera-Edmonds

    Movimiento Estudiantal Chicano de Aztlan.  The purpose of this club is to offer knowledge on the history of Mexican American culture, to participate in community activities and to demonstrate Leadership skills of Latino students.  As well as creating organizational plans for a higher education.

    Mr. Ike

    Mrs. Kinney


    National Honor Society (NHS)

    Mrs. Griffin

    You must meet strict requirements to be a member of NHS.  Eligible students are asked to join, but still must meet all requirements.  Once a member, you must attend all meetings, meet community service requirements, and co-sponsor Mid-Winter dance.  NHS students are given special recognition at graduation.


    Mr. Walters

    For more information see Dave Walters in Room 501.

    Smoke Signals NA

    Ms. Gomez

    The purpose of this group is to learn about student tribe’s crafts, cooking, different tribal food and having fun!

    Ping Pong

    Mr. Whitney

    Ping Pong Playing.


    Mrs. Clements

    This club’s purpose is to provide knowledge about Pokeman, play Pokeman, discuss Pokeman, and meet new people with common interests.


    Mrs. Bonds

    School Annual.  You have the opportunity to help create the school yearbook by going around and taking pictures of people at different activities.  You also get to interview people and write articles and design pages.  This class normally meets 6th period, but also requires out-of-school time.


    Mr. Clear & Mr. Stoltz


    Design, build, and operate robotic devices; attend competitions; fundraising, and visiting local businesses that use robotics.

    Skills USA

    Mr. Snodgrass







    Mr. Clear



















    Mr. Kurpgeweit














    Mr. Johnson


    Architectural and technical drafting is constructing buildings and or houses.  Technical drafting is designing parts for manufacturers.  You will have a chance to compete at regional, state, and even national competitions.


    Power Equipment Technology

     (Small Engine Repair).  You will be able to compete at regional, state and even national competitions working on outdoor power equipment. You will be competing to show your knowledge of tools, tool safety, troubleshooting and repairing on a variety of outdoor power equipment brands and components….not just lawnmowers. 


    Cabinetry-Wood Tech

    Competitions at regional, state and national levels against other schools around the state. Learning leadership through Skills USA to help provide for your future.  Competitors will have to show knowledge of blueprint reading, problem solving, tool usage and assembling parts into the required design. 



    Students compete with other schools on Arc, Tig, and Mig welding and cutting from a blueprint.  Students are graded on safety, quality and accuracy of their work.  The purpose is to evaluate each contestant’s preparation for post high school employment or continued education and to recognize outstanding students for excellence and professionalism in the field of welding.  You will have the opportunity to compete at regional, state and national levels, if you qualify.



    Prepare students for photographic competition.

    Speech and Debate


    Mr. McCurdy

    Anybody who has an ASB can be part of the Speech and Debate team.  Members improve their verbal and research skills as they compete with other high schools for individual or team championships.  It’s a fun activity, but it also involves hard work.

    Spirit Club

    Mrs. Benoit (England)


    This group’s purpose is to ‘pump’ up the basketball and football crowd.

    Uno Club

    Mrs. Benoit

    Playing cards and socialize.

    Video Club

    Mr. Johnson

    This club’s purpose is to make short films or videos on proposed subjects and compete within the club and outside the club.


    Video Game Club

    Mr. Dwyer

    Discussion, playing, and creation.

    Vocal Music

    Ms. Moore

    Comprised of both Concert Choir and Women’s Choir

    World Travel Club

    Mr. Gonzales

    International travel.