• Franklin Middle School Policies

  • Id Badges

    For the safety of all Yakima School District's students, there is a District Policy that all staff and students must have their ID badges visible at all times while on school property or at school activities.

  • Dress for Success Code

    The purpose of the Franklin Dress Code is to foster a professional, safe, and respectful learning environment at school. We believe it is one more component of preparing students for success. Students who choose to dress inappropriately* will be asked to change. Shirt/pants will be provided by the office for the student to wear. Refusal to change is grounds for discipline.

    *Inappropriate clothing is any item deemed by administration as disruptive to the education process or in current use of local gangs.


    • Must cover all of the stomach, back, and chest at all times, even with raised arms.
    • May not be see-through, except for sleeves, nor reveal any undergarment. 
    • No portion of bras may show.


    • Cannot sag below hips or show any portion of underwear, even when worn with untucked shirts.
    • May not have tears or rips in the hip or thigh area so that skin is visible. Sewn-in linining is acceptable.
    • May not have any message written on the backside.
    • No pajama pants.


    • All shorts, skirts, and dresses must be longer than the finger tips when arms are at the students' side.


    • Hats and hoods cannot be worn inside the building. Belts made of web material and/or that hang down below the waist are not allowed.

    No gang affiliated colors or clothing (varies with current trends)-such as:

    • No red shoes with read laces and no blue shoes with blue laces.
    • No bandanas.

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