• Principal's Message

    Students experience school on a day-to-day basis, often not fully understanding the pathway they are traveling and the opportunities for growth that lie ahead of them. It is the responsibility of the educator to be an influence in each student’s educational journey. I believe that responsibility lies on the shoulder of every person that is involved in the child's life at school.  

    Opportunities come in various forms, fashions, and time while at school. The staff at Washington Middle School, along with the students, has been given a very big opportunity in the form of a School Improvement Grant. The money from this grant has allowed us to extend the school year as well as the school day. Educators have been asking for additional time; for at least two years we will have the chance to increase the instructional time for Washington Middle School students. 

    Gatekeepers are those who control the opportunities for students during their lifetime. The gatekeeper opens the gate through instruction and/or guidance through the gate, helping students over and around obstacles that would otherwise be seen as a barrier. Staff at Washington Middle School is working towards providing specific keys to the gates that students need to succeed in all areas of education.

    Parents and the community also act as gatekeepers. Students can contribute to the strength of a community through service, participation in events, or upon graduation, employment. Parent and family support of students demonstrates the level of importance and commitment they hold for the student’s education. The Washington Middle School staff strives to help parents and families with strategies that support the student’s educational journey.

    William Hilton, Principal