• Principal's Message

    At Roosevelt we have a motto: Expect Success, Nothing Less! We believe that each student that attends Roosevelt will experience success socially and academically. We all treat students, parents, and fellow staff members with respect and dignity. If a student is in regular attendance, works hard while in school and does homework diligently, they will be prepared for middle school, high school, and higher education or the work force. At the heart of our educational belief is reading. We individualize reading at each level and provide the extra support to help students achieve benchmark. If students can read, we believe they will have their best chance for success in the near future. We also teach to the newly aligned state math expectations, use science kits to help students explore the world around us, use writing to communicate to an audience, and are using performance based assessments in Health and Fitness, Music, and Social Studies. Again, we high expectations for students to behave appropriately and to make significant academic growth each day in school. We are very proud of our school!

    Dan Williams, Principal


    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide a quality education through high expectations in a safe and healthy environment where students will learn the skills necessary to become productive citizens.


    Our Goals

    • I want my school to be a place where what I do today determines what I will be tomorrow.
    • To have students perform at or above state standards.
    • We want to daily connect with our students, providing differentiated instruction in all academic areas.
    • We see Roosevelt producing high quality students who are consistently prepared for middle school as evidenced by DIBELS, AYP, and reputation.
    • We want Roosevelt Elementary to be a place where accountability by all (students, staff and families) produces high performance as the norm.