• Principal's Messages

    Dear Parents and Families,
    My name is Maria Villalovos-Lucero and I am honored to serve as the principal of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary school community along with Mr. Sydney John, our assistant principal.

    At MLK Jr. Elementary, everything we do has a purpose. At MLK this is accomplished by ensuring that every decision made, from dismissal procedures to changes pertaining to instruction, is made on purpose based on what is best for students. I believe every student deserves the very best education. In order for your child to receive the best education possible, it is important that you commit to getting your child to school every day before the 8:40 a.m. bell. Ongoing, two-way communication with your child’s teacher is also important. Parent-teacher conferences are important and you are also free to call your child’s teacher any time throughout the year to discuss your child’s academic progress, behavior, or any other topics that affect your child’s education.
    Throughout the year, if you have any questions or concerns that you are unable to address with your child’s teacher, please contact me at 573-1102 or 573-1103. The 2016-2017 school year is going to be a year filled with fun and learning. I look forward to working with our families and their children.
    Making MLK, Jr. Elementary excellent on purpose,
    Maria Villalovos-Lucero, Principal
    Sydney John, Assistant Principal



    Our mission is to build lasting relationships by collaborating to have focused instruction to provide all students with an equitable, quality education to become successful.



    Our vision is to send our students into society with the tools to be successful learners and productive citizens of strong character.