• Principal's Message

    It is a privilege and honor to serve as the principal of Robertson Elementary School. As a staff we take very seriously the opportunity that we have to work with your children every day. We recognize that each child attending Robertson is unique and special. There is excitement in the challenge of meeting the academic, emotional, and social needs of five hundred wonderful children! The importance of this work cannot be understated. The education the Robertson students are receiving today brings promise of great success in the future. By partnering closely with you, together we can insure a positive and exciting elementary school learning experience. One that prepares them for middle school, high school, and beyond. Thank you for granting us the opportunity to work with your children every day!


    Mark Hummel, Principal


    Our Mission

    At RobertsonElementary School we work together cooperatively as a staff with parents and students to help all students achieve their maximum potential in a safe, warm, caring environment.


    Our Beliefs

    We believe students learn and grow at their own rates and deserve a quality and meaningful education that is relevant to their lives now and in the future.

    We believe an effective staff member works collaboratively with families in sharing responsibilities for their student's education.

    We believe that effective service/ teaching delivery facilitates learning in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment.