Friday April 28, 2017 Day 146

                        Passing Time                                                  7:55-8:00

                        Period 1                                                           8:00-8:50

                        Period 2                                                           8:55-9:45

                                                    Lunch 1-A

                                    LUNCH 1-A                         9:50-10:20

                        Period 3                                                           10:25-11:15

                        Period 4                                                           11:20-12:10

                                                    Lunch 2-B

                        Period 3                                                           9:50-10:40

                                    LUNCH 2-B                          10:45-11:15

                        Period 4                                                           11:20-12:10

                                                    Lunch 3-C

                        Period 3                                                           9:50-10:40

                        Period 4                                                           10:45-11:35

                                    LUNCH 3-C                          11:40-12:10

                        Period 5                                                           12:15-1:05

                        Period 6                                                           1:10-2:00

                                                    Assembly – Main Gym


                        Passing Time                                                  2:35-2:45


    1. Attention students and staff. Please do not park along 6th avenue in the Lions Pool parking area. If your car is identified as NOT belonging to a person at Lions Pool, your car WILL be towed! Again, no students or staff should be parking alongside Lions Pool. Thanks for your help with this.

    2. 2017 Senior Baby-picture Procedure: Use your IPhone or Android, take a picture of your baby picture. Send it in j-peg form if you can to greene.lynne@yakimaschools.org by May 9th!! Please make sure to attach your name to the picture as you’d like it to be displayed in the “Baby Pictures” slide show. Stop by the Davis Library to see how your picture sent to Mrs. Greene’s folder.

    3. Save $15.00!!! May 1st-5th. The yearbook staff has decided to sell all remaining 2017 books for just $35.00. that is a savings of $15! If you have not already ordered your 2017 yearbook, get into the activities office and buy yours now. Make sure you have a book for all your friends to sign when the book arrives end of May before Graduation!!

    4. Hey Pirates- Class officer application packets are available, all Packets are due May 2nd at 10AM.

    5. Photo Club will be selling Don’s Doughnuts now until May 3rd! Buy a Dozen Glazed for $10 or a Dozen Assorted Doughnuts for $12! They will be delivered to your class on May 11 and 12th. Support a good cause with a dozen doughnuts! See any photo club member or go to room 304C!

    6. Seniors! Academic Varsity T-shirts are in. See Mrs. Main in room 202B to verify your shirt size before you pay.

    7. Hey Students Prom is right around the corner! The dance is May 6th from 8-11PM at the Modern Living Building at the Fair Grounds. Our theme is Once Upon a Time ticket prices are $20 w/ASB and $30 w/o an ASB, they are now on sale! Tickets will be sold during all 3 lunches in the ASB office. If you are taking a Guest, please pick up a guest form, they are located on the counter in front of the ASB office.


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    life-long learning, employment, and social awareness.