• Continuum of Professional Support

    Yakima School District offers a cohort model continuum of support for certificated staff from the moment they are hired through voluntary certification with National Board.

    We believe supporting effective teachers is the right kind of investment!

  • Mentor Teacher Program

    Supporting new hires is a priority for the school district as it supports the District Roadmap: Alignment of Resources and Teaching and Learning Environment.

    Beginning Educator Support Team Year 1: Mentor/Mentee

    Available for YSD first year hires, the BEST program matches trained building based mentors with new staff. All staff are eligible to become trained mentors and all first year teachers are encouraged to receive support through this model. Focusing on the Danielson Framework: Domain 2: Classroom Environment, work centers around creating a learning environment with strong relationships and high expectations for academics. The 2015-2016 calendar for cohort meetings is here. Cohort A is for new to the profession. Cohort B is for new to the YSD.

    Beginning Educator Support Team Year 2: ATLAS

    Available to second year teachers, ATLAS is a video-based instructional support cohort. Using the Danielson Framework as the guide, teachers align their practice to levels of performance in Domain 3: Instruction and then view and analyze National Board videos as exemplars of accomplished practice.  Application of instructional learning to classroom practice is part of the cohort and an overarching goal is to self-video to improve reflective practice.

    Beginning Educator Support Team Year 3:  Teacher Requested Support

    Offered to third year teachers, one on one support is provided through the YSD trained mentors, YSD Instructional Teachers on Special Assignment, and Content specialists. Focused on work within the Danielson Framework, Domain 1: Planning and Preparation, teachers hone their skills synthesizing the expectations for learning, effective instructional practice to intentional planning with content integrity. Outside resources are made available as needed.

    Pro Teach: Year 3 and Beyond

    Teachers in Washington state need a second tier certification level, Professional Certification. This is achieved through an externally evaluated portfolio assessment completed entirely on-line. The YSD offers a free year long cohort of support as teachers with at least 1.5 FTE work alongside colleagues to demonstrate their understanding of the state's 3 early career standards and 12 criteria. Visit the Pro Teach website for more information. Click for the YSD Pro Teach Calendar for the 2015-2016 year

    National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS): Year 3 and Beyond

    A voluntary certification program, NBPTS offers over 25 certificate areas in 3 developmental levels, offering teachers a chance to line up your practice to the highest level standards in the nation. YSD offers a free cohort as you complete 4 components over three years. Achievement of your NBPTS certificate provides you with the requirements of a Washington State Professional Certificate, a stipend of $1,000 to your contract through YEA/YSD negotiations and an additional stipend ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 per year for the duration of your NBPTS certification.