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  • 17.7 Million Words!

    Posted by Erin Chaplin on 6/14/2019

    Washington Middle School Read 180 student

    When given the opporutunity to show just how much they were reading, the Read 180 students and teachers at Franklin, Lewis & Clark, Washington, and Wilson Middle Schools took on the first ever district-wide Read 180 Words Read Competition!  In addition to reading exciting books such as The Hunger Games, The Outsiders, and The Giver, the students were competing for bragging rights and a trophy which will be housed at the winning school until the end of next semester.

    Collectively, the middle school Read 180 students read 17,712,327 words between April 10 and May 31!  That breaks down to an average of 43,000 words per Read 180 student.  Washington Middle School's Read 180 classes were the first winner of the Read 180 Words Read Competition.  Washington Middle School Read 180 students collectively read 4,988,038 words between April 10 and May 31, an average of 56,000 per student.

    Congratulations to all Read 180 students for accepting the reading challenge! A special congratulations Washington Middle School Read 180 students for reading the most words since April 10.  A huge thank you to all of our Read 180 teachers who make such an incredible difference in students' lives!  In a competion like this everyone wins!  

    "To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark." —Victor Hugo Washington Middle School Read 180 Teachers

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  • Stanton Senior Block Party

    Posted by Brianna Henry on 6/13/2019

    On Thursday May 23rd, 2019 Washington Fruit sponsored a first ever block party for Stanton Graduates and their families. As our neighbor they wanted to do something that would connect students and families to the community around them and show their support for the hard work our students have put forth throughout the year. It went from 5 to 8pm. HopTown Pizza and Winey Dogs provided food. Washington Fruit also brought in Knocker Balls for fun and entertainment for all. It was a success with over 25 graduates and their families attending. We want to give those businesses a HUGE thank you, we had a lot of fun and truly appreciated it.                                                                                                             

    Knocker Balls Pizza Face Paint

    Winey DOgs

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  • Nob Hill First Annual Math Bowl

    Posted by Erin Thomas on 6/10/2019

    5th Grade Practice Test

    5th Grade Student Practice Test

    Nob Hill Elementary held their first annual Math Bowl in April.  The purpose of the Math Bowl was to encourage study at home and the memorization of grade-level math facts.  Each student received flashcards to take home and practice with their parents.  Students also had the opportunity to practice online in preparation for the Math Bow competition, and 71 students took advantage of this opportunity.  During the Math Bowl, which was held online, each class first warmed up with a practice test, and then the students competed against each other in identifying correct answers in the shortest amount of time on the qualifying test.  The top three students from each class then competed as a grade level in the final round.  The winners, who received a ribbon, goody bag, and recognition at the student of the month assembly, were:

    Kindergarten:  1st place:  Stella Campos; 2nd place:  Adrian Ulloa; 3rd place:  Jeannine Ferry

    1st grade:  1st place:  Conner Newman; 2nd place:  Nalah Bellah; 3rd place:  Julia Cabezas; Honorable Mention: Sloane Cavallo (perfect score)

    2nd grade:  1st place:  Edgar Lozano; 2nd place:  Joseue Guzman; 3rd place:  Tadashi Arzola

    3rd grade:  1st place: Delaeny Dewitt; 2nd place:  Tegan Fairbairn; 3rd place:  Rolando Maciel-Garza

    4th grade:  1st place: Joshua Whitney; 2nd place: Rylie Carter; 3rd place:  Quinn Marang

    5th grade:  1st place:  Connor Mansfield; 2nd place:  Maximus Martinez; 3rd place:  Adelaide Loeser

    We are so proud of all of the students and parents who supported this work toward meeting grade-level math standards!


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  • "Donuts for Drivers"

    Posted by Berenice Ponce on 5/30/2019

    Stanton Academy Principal Mr. Dave Chaplin, along with ASB/Leadership Teacher Ms. Brianna Henry and two leadership students surprised drivers with donuts as a token of appreciation for making sure students arrived safely at school.

    They also gave drivers a small note that read:

    "You're Amazing, Thank you for bringing your student to school"

    Leadership students handing out donuts

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  • BALIKI & BALIGRA Play Yakima Youth Awards Ceremony

    Posted by Marie Webb on 4/16/2019

    BALIKI & BALIGRA Monday, April 15th BALIKI and BALIGRA performed as guests entered for the 26th Annual Yakima Youth Awards held at Eisenhower High School Auditorium.    It was an honor to play for an event that encompassed the entire valley!

    BALIKI performs BALIKI and BALIGRA were also nominated and WON a Large Group award at the ceremony.  Way to go BALIKI and BALIGRA kiddos!!

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