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  • Rocio Garcia is a Statewide Winner at the 47th Annual Superintendent’s High School Art Show

    Posted by Trevor Greene on 5/29/2020

    State Art Winner

    Rocio Garcia, an 11th grade student at Davis High School, won this year’s OSPI Staff Choice Award for her pastel and chalk artwork titled “Boys Don’t Cry.” Rocio is a student of Davis art teacher Carole Huls, whose students have had art entries advance to OSPI’s state show during three of the past four years. The Davis High School student’s work depicts an older boy crying and wearing a crown of flowers on top of his head. The piece will be purchased for the ongoing display of student art at OSPI’s offices in Olympia.

    In recorded comments that were included in OSPI’s Facebook live presentation, Rocio said: “I think that both genders should be able to embrace emotion without any fear of judgment from others. The flowers on his head were added later on to represent the view society has that showing emotion is a feminine trait, and that femininity is weak and fragile, kind of like the flowers on the flower crown. But I also wanted to make sure that the flower crown was composed of gladiola flowers, which represent strength.”

    Rocio added in her recorded statement: “I don’t think femininity should be viewed as weak or fragile.”

    The 2020 statewide show was scheduled to be on exhibit in OSPI’s facilities at the Old Capitol Building in Olympia from April through the end of May. Instead, all 113 pieces in this year’s show are being made available for viewing from OSPI’s Arts website at https://www.k12.wa.us/student-success/awards-recognition/superintendents-high-school-art-show-0.

    A recording of the 100-minute awards presentation by OSPI is available on the organization’s Facebook site at www.facebook.com/waOSPI/videos/vb.10150120134315113/709287502947413/?type=2&theater. (Rocio’s award is presented at about the 12:00-minute mark. The Honorable Mention presentations involving Berger start at about the 1:16:15 mark.)

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  • Eisenhower High School is Honored to Announce our Washington Apple Education Foundation Recipients (WAEF) for 2020!

    Posted by Yolanda Guzmán, College Preparatory Advisor for the College Success Foundation at Eisenhower H.S. on 5/27/2020

    WAEF Eisenhower Story (Click to view photos with full story).

    Eisenhower High School is honored to announce our Washington Apple Education Foundation Recipients (WAEF) for 2020!

    Thank you, Washington Apple Education Foundation for recognizing our students for their dedication to academics, school activities and exemplary commitment to serve our local community!

    Congratulations IKE 2020 WAEF Scholarship winners.

    Bryanalexa Rivera Macias

    University of Washington-Seattle


    “Ever since I was young, I feared money would be the reason I would not be able to attend college, but I was proven wrong. I’m extremely grateful that the WAEF chose me as a recipient for this scholarship!”

    Denise Abundiz

    Central Washington University


    “Thank you WAEF for believing in me. This scholarship has helped me realize that all of my parents’ sacrifices and my hard work have paid off. Because of this scholarship, I will no longer have to worry or stress about how I will pay for college.”

    Francisco Morales

    University of Washington – Seattle


    "Earning the WAEF scholarship has given me the freedom to pursue my higher education without the worry of having to take out loans. It will allow me to focus on my studies so I can have a strong GPA and obtain a Bioengineering degree.”

    Giselle Montes Perez

    Central Washington University


    “Thanks to the WAEF I am able to go to my first choice university. Now, I don't have to stress about how I am going to afford to pay for college." 

    Kasandra Diaz Barragan

    Heritage University


    “The WAEF scholarship impacted my life in that I will be able focus on my studies without the stress of having to pay back loans.”

    Maria Navarro

    University of Washington - Seattle


    “Receiving the WAEF scholarship has made the cost of UW more affordable. Thanks to the WAEF, I will be free of financial stress in college.

    Martha Benitez Solorzano

    University of Washington - Seattle


    "Having WAEF's support to attend college means the peace of mind that I will graduate debt-free.”


    Way to go Cadets! We are extremely excited for you!

    About the scholarship: The Washington Apple Education Foundation (WAEF) is the charity of the tree fruit industry.  Our mission is to impact lives through access to educational opportunities. WAEF is supported by generous contributions made annually by the growers, packers and supporters in Washington’s tree fruit industry.  This year WAEF is awarding over $1 million to students whose parents are employed in the tree fruit industry.  310 students received WAEF scholarships this year.  80% of the foundation’s current scholarship recipients are first-generation college students. When students receive a WAEF scholarship, they join a community of volunteers, donors and WAEF alumni dedicated to supporting them achieving their educational goals.  The foundation’s priority for its scholarship recipients isn’t just that they attend college; instead it is they graduate from college on-time and career ready.  WAEF students are able to renew their scholarships throughout their undergraduate years.





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  • Thanks Fidelity Title!

    Posted by Anne Kajrenius on 5/26/2020

    Thank you Collage

    Fidelity Title has chosen to sponsor the Nob Hill Elementary students with a gift of new books again!  This means that our Nighthawks will have new books so they can KEEP READING!  We are very grateful to Fidelity Title for their repeated generosity.

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  • Barge Lincoln Virtual Spirit Week 2020

    Posted by Marie Webb on 5/22/2020

    The week of May 18th - May 22nd  at Barge Lincoln Elementary we had a virtual Spirit Week! Each day students and staff dressed according to the theme for the day.  Great fun was had by all!!   We’ve got spirit, yes we do!!!! GO BOBCATS!!! WE ARE BARGE!!Barge Lincoln Virtual Spirit Week 2020

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  • K-5 Online Learning for Multilingual/English Learners

    Posted by Tally Garcia on 5/21/2020


    Atención: Padres de estudiantes multilingües de K a 5º grado del YSD               

    Únanse a nosotros en Google meet para tener la oportunidad de aprender cómo motivar a sus hijos a participar en el programa “Imagine Language and Literacy” ¡desde su propio hogar!  Este programa enseña a sus estudiantes las destrezas que son críticas para la comprensión de lectura y el dominio del idioma en los 4 dominios del idioma: lectura, escritura, comprensión auditiva y expresión oral.  ¡Ya está disponible para ustedes y continuará durante el verano!


    Miércoles, 27 de mayo

    Hagan clic en los enlaces a continuación para unirse y obtener más información sobre el programa “Imagine Learning and Literacy”:

    6:00 A 6:45 P.M.: REUNIÓN EN INGLÉS: https://meet.google.com/zvx-vioo-hox  

    7:00 A 7:45 P.M.: REUNIÓN EN ESPAÑOL: https://meet.google.com/acv-cajf-ntp 

    Attention: YSD Parents of K-5 Multilingual Learners

    Please join us in google meet for an opportunity to learn how to engage your child in Imagine Language and Literacy program within your own home!  This program teaches your students the skills that are critical to reading comprehension and language proficiency in all four language domains - reading, writing, listening and speaking.  It is available to you now and over the summer!


    ​Wednesday, May 27th

    Click on the links below to join and learn more about Imagine Learning:

    6:00 PM - 6:45 PM: ENGLISH: https://meet.google.com/zvx-vioo-hox  

    7:00 PM - 7:45 PM: ESPAÑOL: https://meet.google.com/acv-cajf-ntp 

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  • Hoover 5th grade students show their appreciation for our administration

    Posted by Angie Kloster on 5/21/2020

    A huge thank you from our 5th grade class to Mr. Sanchez and Mrs. Rodriguez for all they do for the students and staff at Hoover Elementary! 

    Thank You!  Thank You!

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    Posted by Ernesto Araiza on 5/20/2020

    We hope you enjoy a positive message from the Wilson staff to students and to the whole community in general.  Stay safe and healthy...We Are In This Together!   Wilson MS Video Link

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  • Robertson staff caravan to show their love to students!

    Posted by Cynthia Rinker on 5/19/2020

    On May 13, Robertson students and their families lined streets near the school to give a shout and a wave as they drove by in a parade-like line! The staff spent an hour winding through the streets within their boundary. The staff plan to caravan again May 27 and Leading the caravan 13 staff! June 10. 

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  • Wilson MS administrators are surprised with a staff appreciation parade.

    Posted by Ernesto Araiza on 5/18/2020

    Wilson administrators were surprised by staff this morning with an appreciation parade to celebrate School Administrator Week.  Staff shared their love with their cars decorated with signs and threw candy as they paraded through the schools' bus loop, honking wildly. The administrators were thankful and genuinely surprised.   Click on link to watch video

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  • Food Distribution Rocks!

    Posted by Jaime LEe on 5/13/2020

    McClure Elementary had a surprise visitor during food distribution on May 13, 2020. Families were thrilled to see T-Rex greeting cars as they pulled in to pick up food. Even our community partners (YPD) enjoyed their time with T-Rex! 


    Mrs. Lee meets T-Rex

    T-Rex is made friends from all over.

    T-Rex greets families

    YPD loves T-Rex too!

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