Yakima Middle School Joined Nuevo Foundation: Coding Workshop

Posted by Nuevo Foundation on 6/18/2020

On January 31, 2020, Yakima Middle School joined Nuevo Foundation for a coding workshop and STEM activities!

During the software component of the workshop, students learned to draw lines, then shapes, then honeycombs. They also learned how to create and color a mandala flower! The next part of the workshop involved a hardware activity in which students used alligator clips, clementines (yes, the little orange fruit!), Adafruit, and coding to make sounds. While this involved many steps, everyone was surprised at the musical outcome and the vibrant colors on the Adafruit.  

Yakima MS students also had a chance to engage with a diverse panel of speakers who work in the tech industry. Though shy at first, students began to ask questions and engage in both English and Spanish.

Mr. McGeeney from Yakima commented, “Our kids had a great time. All of the Yakima students were from migrant families, so for many of them it was the first time in the Seattle metro area, and definitely a new experience to be able to step onto the campus of a global corporate campus.”

For his students, Mr. McGeeney added, “The experience was both [an] expansion around their thinking about the world and possibilities the world holds for them. Many of our students do not leave the Yakima Valley often… To be able to consider the possibility to one day work somewhere like Microsoft definitely opened up their minds to the rewards of hard work at school now. The message the Microsoft staff panel shared with them really resonated with students and inspired them. Our students left grateful for the unique opportunity they were given.”

For students who had never really been exposed to STEM and coding, they were able to come away with newfound exposure to and interest in technology. We were delighted to work with these students and expand their horizons by bringing them onto the Microsoft campus, introducing them to coding, and inspiring them. Thanks to ISACA, the Microsoft Reactor, and Yakima Middle School for making this a great event!